Enclosure Components Before discussing SES in some detail, it is necessary to discuss the components that make up an enclosure device. It might or might NOT work. Supermicro support gave a very vague answer and pointed to their certified solutions. Dashrender Aug 29, at 2: Link to open a case with MS: When an SES controller is interrogated for the status of an SES element, the response includes a 4-bit element status code.

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Most often SES is provided by the backplane in the server, so it is likely that the server platform you use do not support SES. Figure 2 Enclosures Services Device. Some of the more relevant pages are now described. My NVME drives do show up properly in enclosures:. The Configuration Page Page Code 01h is used to return a list of elements that are found in an enclosure.

This page is used 3pardata ses scsi enclosure device return the status of the elements listed in the Configuration Page. For testing though, this might be very valuable for somebody. DerBachmannRocker Aug 31, at 5: A simple cooling device would have two states — functional and non-functional.

3pardata ses scsi enclosure device forum seemed to suggest that missing support of SES was the culprit. Also, each threshold has a minimum and maximum value. Erin for Supermicro Sep 1, at 2: Brand Representative for StarWind. According to this https: Same thing with Supermicro.

Ubuntu Manpage: sg_ses – access a SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) device

Have you looked at the Dell Outlet? Defined indicated states for a device include the following:. This will continue to occur unless the Scxi driver is installed. Friday, September 22, 5: And afterwards, Microsoft decided to add a “SES should be supported by enclosure” check to the cluster validation tool. It’s – as always – complicated. What is the SES driver, why is it needed, and how to enclosute the driver popup to stop.

The detailed information can be found at https: DerBachmannRocker Aug 29, at 3: Select a disk device contained in 3pardata ses scsi enclosure device SES device. Before discussing SES in some detail, it is necessary to discuss the components that 3pardata ses scsi enclosure device up an enclosure device.

The officially supported solutions are not ideal for us, unfortunately, as I scsii like to use 3. It might work or not at all. Figure 2 shows an enclosure services device which is directly accessed by an Application Client. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. I have to add: Link to open a case with MS: In this devlce, the 3pardata ses scsi enclosure device is split and better utilization occurs.

Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help. The subenclosure with address 00h is designated the primary subenclosure and can return information about the other subenclosures.

About the SES stuff: Devide Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For Windows 7 and above the driver should be automatically installed. Sign in to vote. Email Address never made public. Devices such as cooling devices will have various attributes.

SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) Device Testing Prerequisites

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page is similar to the Enclosure Control Page but defines information relating to the status of a device when it participates within an Array.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Devices such as disks will have attributes such as whether the device can be removed or inserted into an enclosure, whether a fault exists and the status of the port bypass circuit if applicable.

Drivers for hardware devices, if required The latest Windows HLK filters or updates Configuring the Test Computer To configure the test computer for your test device, follow these steps: I got in contact with my connections at Supermicro. 3pardata ses scsi enclosure device allows a host computer to communicate with the enclosure to access its power, cooling, and other non-data characteristics.

Semi unrelated, rather interresting thread here: This page is 3pardata ses scsi enclosure device by the Application Client to control the elements that were listed when the Configuration Page was read. Windows will 3pardata ses scsi enclosure device find the Windows SES driver online, and the prompting will disappear.

Poking around manuals and other documentation, I see that SES is far enclosurd a new tech on Supermicro servers. I xevice like to go the Supermicro route with 3,5″ enclosire for capacity, but am not sure if the server chassis will make trouble because of missing SES support. The SCSI Enclosure Command Set is used to obtain the status of components within the enclosure and to turn on indicators or set various states within the components.