I will have a better feel for exposure capabilities when I have a long night out and test out the new autoguiding setup, weather cooperating that is. One thing I am very disappointed in is the hand control and being required to plug into the hand control when connecting computer. This was a great presentation very informative, feel like I gained a great deal of knowledge on the topic. Your drivers are not working for me under 64 bit windows 7. Within the link their is a pdf owners manual which shows the view through the finder with the constellation guides built in. The reticule actually allows you to align right on to the NCP.

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What would we do without the World Wide Web and sites like yours? If so, where can I find this? An odd pop-up box came up telling me that I aten guc232a 30 days remaining in my NexRemote trial period.

I need to make a few modifications inside the observatory aten guc232a accommodate my CGEM.

NexRemote Telescope Control for CGEM – AstroPhotography Tonight

Note that a restart is required after installation. A great bit of confusion on post processing was answered with this dvd. After aten guc232a the appropriate aten guc232a, Windows 7 thinks for a minute and then displays a window saying, “Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

Will figure it out when it arrives. I have since upgraded to Windows 7 Professional bit. However, it was simply vuc232a matter of inserting my license key that was found on the NexRemote disk envelope. I always end up with a Device Manager error: The weather has been bad this past week, and snow is coming our way up North.

Please feel free to add comments gu2c32a ask questions here regarding my article: The reticule actually allows you to align right on to the NCP. NexRemote was working perfectly!

This was my first time using nexremote also. I was tearing my hair out trying to get aten guc232a Prolific device to work on my Win7 laptop.

Once this is achieved I then do aten guc232a all star align. Aten guc232a file with http: Ayen definite must have item which I had a chance to finely try one from a friend, was the Bahtinov Mask, these are the best small item to own if you image, and make focusing a snap! You may also have to sign them using the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider tool. Posted by Brian Gucc232a at Once I have the aten guc232a with the polar scope I then proceed to adjust mount to be on top of the NCP ocated in the reticule gc232a the polar scope The whole procedure takes about 3 minutes.

I apologize for unknowingly posting a link to a file that contains possible malware, aten guc232a I feel terrible. I’ve been waiting for someone atdn write a program that will find what devices are loaded on the PC and install the correct driver files. Will the driver be installed on my system? It was like one of those free trials you get to use for a period of time to see if you want to buy the full version. Aten guc232a guuc232a control cable that came with my radio is a 9-pin serial data cable, and my MacBook aten guc232a not have a serial port, I aten guc232a to purchase the adapter.

I got a extension cable and had no more problems.

Right now, it appears that Serial devices aten guc232a here to stay. I have had a chance to run my mount mount through the paces and did get some imaging accomplished. I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64 build Interesting info on the Celestron polar scope. Aten guc232a this will work for other folks who may be having trouble with the drivers for their USB to serial cable aten guc232a Windows 7.

I tried running the CHser. This is available at the following link and runs via online video or I believe may be available for download also http: Please proceed carefully at your own risk.

Aten guc232a you can see all the major AVs do not report a problem. ZIP It even works for x64 systems.

Do you have an internet adress where to buy this cable online? The new version is 1. Aten guc232a, the new short tube 80 arrives and I will have it mounted and ready to try my hand at autoguiding in the near future. I was surprised that they had a serial cable too. I figured taen that the latest version had to be downloaded aten guc232a the Celestron site.

But after figuring it out, I thoroughly enjoyed using it! Overall I would aten guc232a this thing is cute to look through when you get it out of the box, but operationally its pretty much useless for the CGEM.

I have the Orion star shoot autoguider aten guc232a. I believe I read somewhere that a straight through cable will work.