Replaced keyboard and everything works perfectly. All these are lit and viewable on laptop LCD screen. STEP 8 After the cover has been removed, you can access and clean both cooling fans. Thanks for the information and pictures re: Do you replace it as shown in the diagram? Maybe this heat comes from the hard drive? Mario, i am assuming at this point it is the hard drive connector on the board… is that possible to replace?

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Reboot the laptop and see if the hard drive is detected properly. Mine is the K23 which makes me wonder about the differences, I just bought a new motherboard off eBay sony pcg 384l this system is notorious for overheating and burning out and mine did just that, the power jack and adapter are FINE, the motherboard is now a doorstop so I am further disassembling mine at present, but I am not sure how to avert disaster with a new board sony pcg 384l place and the same threat lurking.

Forgot to mention that the cooling fans do work and it runs on straight AC power.

Could that be the problem. The second time I had to try so many times because it kept turning off until it finally installed. Battery charging light does not illuminate. PC works but RAMs total stays exactly instead of Sony pcg 384l the project was doable sony pcg 384l removing the screen completely.

Maybe you accidentally pulled the video cable from the 384p Measure the diameter of the AC adapter plug pfg, 2. You will need to reuse your harness.

I also ported memory many times. Carefully spread latches on both sides of slot. Mario, i am assuming at this point it is the hard drive connector on the board… is that possible sony pcg 384l replace? Same phenomenon in both slots.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

Carefully lift up and remove the heatsink assembly. I was in doubt about the card so your comment is right. Spray it into the grill on the back side sony pcg 384l the laptop. I will re-post once completed. What should I do? Preferably a board that would bring a k-series closer to being up sony pcg 384l date? I have a Sony AR21S running watching tele on ita fizz like a fuse popping and dead. I guess im going to have to do this write up and get the part off ebay.

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

First of all, test your laptop with another wireless router, maybe you can find one in a library or sony pcg 384l else. If you are game for it I have also known people simply diassemble the machine as above and simply remove the thing! Very good step by step guide! Unplug the video cable from the motherboard. Test your laptop with different memory modules installed into different slots. Does anybody has a suggestion for my problem? M Series, M series, Sony pcg 384l Series.

Bill-S, I am not sure how to avert disaster with a new board in place and the same threat sony pcg 384l Maybe you should blow off the cooling module with compressed air regularly? Then, while the XP screen is on, Video is viewable on external monitor only, as laptop backlight turns off.

Remove one screw sonyy the bracket. I have sony laptop model pcg-3G5L Sony pcg 384l its displaying it shows Small lines on the botom sreen.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

Slide the hard drive down to disconnect it from the motherboard. It looks to be sony pcg 384l fairly decent shape with no signs of damage to the shell. Thanks again—instead of a doorstop, we now have a working laptop again! Be very careful removing the heatsink because most likely the CPU will come out attached to the heatsink. This jack is for 65 watt AC adapters.

Any suggestions would zony greatly appreciated. Any models listed below may also use Jack 15, depending on what the factory had available during manufacturing! And this should charge a As everyone knows these models 38l4 like years old.

I took my laptop to step slny but I started reading ahead and did not see a step sony pcg 384l involved the sony pcg 384l sink. S9, S10, S10E, M Butch, Currently my problem is that my sony vaio pcg k25 laptop system is running when I turn it on I can here it but the monitor is blank, resembling a laptop not turned on. Try cleaning the recovery disc. I think you are correct. In step 3 you can disconnect the ribbon cable at the bezel if you like sony pcg 384l some may find easier to get to.

Test the laptop after each installed part. Minimize the laptop as much as possible. BIOS display is fine. I found some, but not for this model.